Arti Plastics Malta has a broad range of injection machines with the capabilities of producing a wide variety of parts of various specifications. The makes of the injection machines, Arburg and Ferromatic ranging from a clamping pressure of 20 tones to 200 tones. Some of the machines at Arti Plastics are located within a segregated clean, area processing facility, which offers products to be processed under a controlled environment.


Arti Plastics also specialises in the sorting and assembly of plastic parts with areas of the factory designated specifically for this service. The clean room maintains a high level of cleanliness and has various sanitation regulations in place to ensure the quality of the parts.


Arti Plastics has the facilities to warehouse stocks for a specified time for the convenience of the client during the call-off periods.


Arti Plastics is very much aware of the value of waste plastic and the environment so that is why all excess plastic is crushed and re-cycled into reusable material again.