Custom Plastic Products

Arti Plastics has a range of it’s own plastic injection moulds that can provide customers with specific orders of these goods. Some of these products are: Pizza Supports, jewellery cases, spoons, coffee stirrers, and many more.

Plastic Toy

Children’s toys and all their varied plastic components are among the requests from leading, international toy industries.

Plastic Pharmaceutical

The production of medical containers, bottle fillers, caps, and lids and others demand the highest degree of environmental control. Arti Plastics has successfully delivered all these criteria to this area.

Plastic Food and Beverage Items

The supply of custom made accessories such as caps, cutlery, cups and food supports.

Electronic Parts and Assembly

The moulding of plastic components assembled into electronic products for established customers on the global market.

Automotive Parts and Assembly

The manufacturing of highly engineered components assembled into automotive switchgear and ultimately delivered to global customers.